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Durbar Chequered Plate with Anti-Skid and Attractive Surface for Flooring and Tread Plates. Sizes and Finished Products. Thickness 2mm to 12.5mm.

Why is the chequered plate called Durbar Plate also? 
Durbar plate is also known as
Chequer plate or chequered plate. It is a metal plate with a regular pattern of two bars or multi-bar projections on one side, showing diamond or other shapes, with the reverse side being smooth. This kind of checkered plate is frequently made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum plate materials and is popularly chequered with double bars patterns. Hence, it gets its name Durbar plate in the United Kingdom and other countries..

Why and Where a durbar plate is used? 
The durbar patterns give a slightly raised surface allowing walking through yet not causing slippery, making the plate an ideal tread plate shanks. Owing to its skid-proof and attractive surface, the durbar plates are widely used in industrial flooring and constructions. Durbar plates are widely applied in construction sector for stair treads, platform and walkways as well as automobile and agricultural sectors. In enterprises, especially shops, stairs and catwalks usually employ durbar plate to protect workers' safe. Besides, modern people take it as a fashion decoration element in architectural façade, ceiling and wall panels designs

Durbar Plate Used as Floor Treads Aluminum Chequered Durbar Plates
Galvanized Steel Durbar Floor Plates, Five Bar Patterns Aluminum Diamond Plates, for Decorative Ceiling Plates

Materials for Durbar Chequer Plates:
Structural Carbon Steel Q195B, Q235B; Stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L; aluminum plate; galvanized plates.
Plate length by Width: 2500mm ×1250mm to 3600mm ×1500mm.
Thickness: 2mm - 12.5mm.

New Durbar Plate Products

  • Aluminum durbar plates 3mm thick × 2.5 Meter × 1.2 Meter Gr.5754, 2mm thick × 2.5 Meter × 1.25 Meter Gr.5754;
  • 0.5mm Thickness SUS 316 durbar plate with triangle hole and hole diameter 0.15mm;
  • Aluminum checkered plate with 3mm - 5mm thickness for a walkway stairs;
  • Flat sheet chequered plate with 2mm thickness for trailers panels;
  • Rolled steel durbar plate (hot rolled, not galvanized) with thickness 2mm - 9mm;
AISI 316 stainless steel non-magnetic checker plate 1250 × 2500 × 2.5mm for architectural ceiling tiles.

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