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Durbar Plate
Why and Where a durbar plate is used? 
The durbar patterns give a slightly raised surface allowing walking through yet not causing slippery, making the plate an ideal tread plate shanks.

Diamond Tread Plate
Diamond (checkered) plate is one kind of anti-slippery tread plates characterized by beautiful appearance, good strength, light weight, metal material saving and many other advantages.

Aluminum Checker Plate
Excellent rust resistance and fire resistance make the aluminum chequered panels high grade building materials in modern architectures.

Aluminum Perforated Panel
Deerway supplies aluminum metals processed in three major forms: embossed, chequered, punched (perforated) . In this page, we mainly introduce perforated aluminum panels.

Checkered Steel Plate
Checkered steel plate can be divided into three types: checkered carbon steel, checkered galvanized steel and checkered stainless steel plates. Can be supplied in coils or sheets.

Embossed Plate
Embossed Plate and Aluminum Embossed Tread Plate: Patterns, Defination and Types. On Embossing Metal Panels: Metal Materials to be Embossed: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Brass

Slotted Metal Plate
Slotted Metal Plate, Straight Line or Staggered Patterns, for Guarding, Decoration and Building Uses. Popular Material is Galvanized Carbon Steel Sheet.

Chequered Floor Plate
Stair tread chequered (also written as checkered as American English) floor plate can be divided into four major types: checkered diamond plate...

Expanded Metal Grating
Expanded Metal Grating (Made of Carbon Steel Mostly) is made of metal sheet expanded in the regular form and then going through a cold rolled reducing mill.

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